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A Body Repair Man Who Knew What He Was Seeing and Knew What Needed to be Done About It.

I came to the Tri-Cities from Michigan in 2007 with my 5 year old pick up truck. For a Michigan truck it was in very good condition.

Michigan and northern Ohio are subject to lake effect snow. The roads are plowed and salted to allow use by automobiles and reduce accidents. Unfortunately, the road in front of my house in Michigan had been ground up into a bunch of salt encrusted tar covered rock chips as the first part of repaving just before I came here. A few of those sticky salted rock chips got stuck between the welded panels of my pick up bed.

Fast forward three years and my truck has several ‘bubbles’ in the paint around the rear wheel openings.

I got an estimate from a big national chain body shop. The estimator saw the lumps and ripples in the wheel well openings but didn’t recognize them as being caused by rust. His stated method of repair was to ‘grind it out and fill it’. I am a ‘do it yourself’ kind of guy and am well aware that such a repair would last a very short time because it would fail to remove the rust between the panels.

I left in a kind of shock that a professional didn’t recognize such a problem.

Next year, the rust had eaten under the paint enough to cause it to fall off when it was washed. I took five minutes with a flapper wheel and put some rustoleum primer on it. Now the damage was slowed but was obvious and looked bad.

This year the truck is ten years old and in great shape except for the rust and some minor rock chips. I decide it is worthwhile to try getting the rust fixed. I called a very prominent body shop and was surprised that, ‘we don’t do rust repairs’. What’s more, they didn’t know of a shop that did. I have come to understand why the local body shops don’t know rust, there just isn’t much of it here. I resolved to go through the entire phone book if necessary.

Enter Arsen. I called his shop and had a little trouble understanding his accent over the phone, but he said that he did custom work. I went to his shop and found something I had yet to find in the Tri-Cities. A body repair man who knew what he was seeing and knew what needed to be done about it. A body repair man who takes great pride in and is truly passionate about his work.

The work was completed in three working days and is beautifully done. I had seriously considered having him repaint the entire truck and am sure he would have done a wonderful job, but the thought of driving it to work at Hanford and getting it all chipped up again would have broken my heart.

Thank you Arsen, a beautiful job.
John Bako

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