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Auto Painting

We Are In To Paint Jobs

Just need a paint job to make your car like new or regain its lost value? You’ve come to the right place. Many body shops would rather not do just car painting, and some won’t do it at all. Not us. Being the true craftsmen that we are, we LOVE to do paint jobs and you will benefit from the pride we take in our auto paint work. There is nothing more satisfying than taking an old car that is past its prime and making it look like the day it was on the showroom floor, or EVEN BETTER (yeah, with modern paint technology we can do that!).

Prep Work Is Key

We use the best Sikkens and PPG paints and Sata spray equipment available, but before we put our artistic bent to work in the spray booth we make sure your car gets the best prep job possible. As you may know, preparation is what determines how long your paint job will last and we strive for perfection. We don’t cut corners where others may be tempted to save a few bucks thinking the average consumer will never know the difference – until years down the road when the paint starts cracking or that rust spot shows up again. We want people ten, twenty, or even more years later to be asking our customers when they got their car painted and by whom because they are impressed with how well it’s holding up.

We Don’t Ding You For Dings

Some car painting shops will quote you a very low price for just painting your car, but only if you just need a paint job, which, is rarely the case. The vast majority of cars that need paint also have dings, dents, rust spots, and scratches that reach into the metal. By the time they get through adding up the extra charges for the body work that needs to be done you’ve got a quote that’s quite a bit higher but you think you are still saving money because of the low original estimate for painting. What you might not realize is that you are getting dinged for the dings and other body prep work needed. So before you agree to have them paint your car, bring it on down to us and see if we can’t beat their final price. We won’t quote you for paint only, because that just isn’t realistic. But we will quote you for paint and body work and be very competitive with any other auto painting shop.

This is not a “production shop.” We don’t see how fast we can get it in and get it out. We see how good we can make your car look, no matter what it takes.

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