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Tri-City Body and Paint

Having A Hard Time Finding A Shop That Will Do “Just A Paint Job”?

Just need a paint job to make your car look like new or increase its value?  It seems to get harder all the time to find a shop that will do a paint job.  We’re different.  We LOVE to do paint jobs and it shows.  For us there is nothing quite like taking your old car that is past its prime and making it look like the day it was on the showroom floor, or EVEN BETTER.

Prep Work Is Key

What makes the biggest difference in your paint job is what you don’t see when you get it back from the shop: the preparation work that goes into your paint job before the paint is applied, whether it be getting every last bit of rust removed or making sure the body filler is sanded flush with the undamaged metal and is sanded in such a way that sanding marks don’t show through the paint.

We Put Our Best On Prep Work For Tri-City Auto Body Painting

Quite often the best, most experienced person to do the prep work on your car to get it ready for paint is the guy sitting behind the desk and who never picks up a can of Bondo.  He has a business to run, customers to talk to, and a phone to answer.  At Richland Collision Services our best are working on your car from start to finish, from prep work to final spray.  That’s the advantage of a smaller, lower-volume shop. That might seem a bit old-fashioned but the results speak for themselves.

We Don’t Ding You For Dings

You can get some good prices for “just a paint job,” if that’s really all your car needs, but usually it will have dings, dents, and rust to deal with.  By the time they get through adding up the extra charges for the body work that needs to be done you’ve got a quote that’s quite a bit higher but you think you are still saving money because of the low original estimate for painting.  What you might not realize is that you are getting dinged for the dings and other body prep work needed. Before you agree to have them paint your car, bring it on down to us and see if we can’t beat their final price. We won’t quote you for paint only, because that just isn’t realistic. We will quote you for paint and body work and be very competitive with any other auto painting shop, including Maaco.

This is not a “production shop.” We don’t see how fast we can get it in and get it out. We see how good we can make your car look, no matter what it takes.

We Are Not Just a Tri-City Body and Paint Shop

We have people bringing their cars from all over the Northwest, even as far away as Bellevue, to have us do their classic car restoration.  Classic car buffs enter their cars in shows and thus are very particular about the final paint job.  We have gained a reputation far beyond the Tri-Cities for doing show car work so by all means take advantage of that and bring your baby in for the best paint job you could ever imagine.