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Tri-Cities Collision Repair Services

If you’re looking for auto body collision repairmen to see how fast they can get your car fixed then you will want to take it to one of the many production auto body repair shops in the area. They are high-volume operations more concerned with profit than perfection, more in tune with the time clock than your baby you have brought in for repairs.

Our body shop, on the other hand, is more concerned about the final product than how many cars we can run through. We take the time to get it done right, and get it done perfectly.

Timely Auto Body Repair in the Tri-Cities

Spending more time on your vehicle doesn’t mean it will take longer to get it fixed. Since we are not backed up with a dozen cars to fix before we get to yours we can get right on it and sometimes have it finished before you would even get an estimate at other autobody repair shops.

When you have been in an accident you don’t need to be driving around a wreck or be without a car for several weeks. Let us take car of you and get you back on the road in quick order.

Master Craftsmen For Your Tri-Cities Collision Repair

In many auto body repair shops the person with the most experience never touches your car since he’s too busy running the business. Not so at Richland Collision Services. Here the best in the industry will be the one to do the lion’s share of work on your car. Call that old-school but it sure makes our customers happy.