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Bring Your Auto Painting Quote Down And See If We Can’t Beat It

Some auto body shops that specialize in paint jobs lure customers in with their extremely low advertised prices for complete paint jobs so even after they’ve added in “a little extra” for repairing dings and dents you think you are still getting a good deal. If you’re car was perfectly straight to begin with, with no rust, dings, or dents, then yes you might still be getting a good deal but that’s rarely the case. Every car that needs a paint job also needs some body work and that’s where these companies make their profit – that and putting as little time as possible into prepping your car to keep their labor costs down. I know, I used to be one of the ones doing the prep work for one of them that was the biggest name in the industry.

So let’s say you’re buying a $500 paint job from them but they quote you another $1000 dollars to straighten out the dings and dents. You might think for $1500 you’re getting a good deal because at another shop they might charge $1200 for the paint job without any dings or dents.

This is where you get sucked in. You’re tired of shopping around and think you’ve found the best deal you’re likely to get because no one else can touch their paint job prices.

That’s all very well and good if you think you’re not getting dinged for your dings!

Think again. Check you’re assumptions.

Richland Maaco Paint Estimate – Bring It In!

Bring your Maaco or other company paint job quote down to Richland Collision Services and see if we can’t beat their price and give you the best quality paint job possible with the time and effort going into preparing your car for paint that will give you a superb long-lasting result.

We are not a high-volume production facility. We are careful craftsmen who put the same care and expertise we use on our classic show cars to work on your paint job.

Even with that we can still beat the big boys like Maaco.

Give us a call at 205-9006 or just stop by our shop in the Richland Wye on Columbia Park Trail next to D&D rentals and see how we do things. You’ll be impressed and your pocketbook will love you for it.

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